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1st Stretch Goal Reached

We are very excited to inform you that we reached our first Stretchgoal ahead of schedule and within budget.

This is a very important step towards getting the prototype ready for production. This is what we changed:

1. We cut the car in half and shortened it by a whopping 10CM!!

2. The Front window angle has been adjusted by almost 4 degrees.

3. The grill has more airflow

4. The Front Lights have been changed into Led Lighting and moved inwards.

5. The lines above the Front Wheel arches have moved up by a whole 1 CM. 

6. The Side windows have a steeper radius - this change also reflects into the roof.

7. The Boot has been smoothed out and the opening has been enlarged. The lines have also been adjusted.

8. The Rear Lights have moved inwards and up.

9. The Rear fenders have gone on a small diet.

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