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Why us #watchmakers need steady hands, tweezers, and a monocle.

The tiny axles and tiny screws need steady hands to be put together. We design everything inhouse - from casing to hands, crowns and pushers. Always designed to our interior of the cars. You can see the same pointer in our tachymeter and speedometer as our Chronograph Second hand. The number ring is the same as in our dials of the car. Our signature straps (this time waterproof!) are corresponding to the holes in our steering-wheel.

Although we make the first prototypes at our watch-desk in Holland the final pieces are all Hand-assembled in Switzerland by Ronda Time Center. Our Swiss Made movement genuinely Swiss Made - 10 jewel repairable Quartz movement by Ronda. This is Dutch design - Swiss Made.

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1 Comment

Feb 26, 2019

Cant wait to feel and see the watch 😀

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