HB Special - an Experience Car
Inspired by the Le Mans racers of the mid 50s it is specifically designed to drive on mountain roads, weighs only 750 kg due to its carbon shell and is propelled by a solid 6 in line producing 180 BHP. Check out the movie by clicking on the film reel to the right.


barchetta (Italian pronunciation: [bar?ketta], "little boat" in Italian) was originally an Italian style of open 2-seater sports car that was built for racing. Weight and wind-resistance were kept to a minimum, and any unnecessary equipment or decoration was sacrificed to performance.
The classic barchetta has either no doors, in which case entry and egress is made by stepping over the side of the car, or very small doors without exterior handles. More about barchetta.
Production Series
With our new Production series you can actually own one of the limited nrs of HB Specials being made. Go find out more by clicking on the Sales Brochure on the right.

These 2 shots were taken in a broken-down factory in the Vosges (F). At a small caretaker’s house we kindly informed if it would be possible to have a photo shoot in the now abandoned factory. The rusty gates opened and the car manoeuvred into position.  A perfect setting for some old style photo's. The roof of the building had collapsed and only some struts remained - visible in the bonnet of the car. Some local lumberjacks arrived at the scene making small talk with Paul whilst I took these shots. 


The HB Coupe Classic


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The HB Coupe Road Racer


The HB Coupe RACE