The picture above shows the rally prepared HB Special with extra lights!
24 hours Rally with the HB Special in Februari?
Have we gone nuts?? A few months ago we enrolled in a 24 hours classic rally - the Horneland rally. We had no idea what we got ourselves into... How long is 24 hours seriously?? Well the rally is split up in 3 stages. After each stage we are able to rest... for an hour. So it basically comes down to 21 hours of driving and navigating through small roads. There are 170 points of which 35 are time controls.

The rally starts at 10 am. We will be travelling from Weert - a small town in the Netherlands - to Belgium and Luxembourg and back to Belgium. After about 275 kilometers we will be hitting the border to France... time for a break... it is now 370 kilometers. After a meal the first will start at around 19:01 when the night begins... France will only have 4 time controls. At around 520 kms and around 22:01 the first will pass the border to Germany.

At around 750 kms we have another break. After which at 04:01 we continue on in Germany. At 10:01 we should arrive back in Weert in the Netherlands. We will have travelled 1040 kms if no mistakes are made....

Thats all very nice, but as the starting date arrives closer and closer we are starting to prepare the car fully for this monster drive... Extra headlights need to be made and serious measures for warming ourselves as we hit nights of hopefully -2 C which will probably be -6 c considering todays weather... Not ideal for an open barchetta styled car with no heater! We have found refuge in an army store where we will buy some tank overalls - weather proof and padded. Hopefully they will comfort us...

We also thought it would be wise to talk to our own rally builder Gerard who has helped us building rally's for 10 years with our Classic Rally Events. "Which rally are you driving??" - the Horneland. "WOOO so you enrolled for the tour class??" - no we enrolled for the sport class. "Are you crazy?? Its probably the hardest rally I have ever driven... what car are you taking??" - the HB Special....... "You guys are insane, did you know almost all roads in Belgium are off-road??" .... Uh .... no. "Well try to get an average of 60 kms per hour, if you do that with some mistakes you will arrive at Time controls a little early, don't bother searching for controls... you dont have the time... keep a record of times and kilometers at all times. If you guys finish at all I'll be impressed!" .... we are going for the win Gerard..... "If you arrive in the top ten I'll get you a BIG Champagne bottle and we will drink it together" .... Thanks Gerard.... get the glasses out!

Uhmmmm, what have we got ourselves in to?? We will try to get you a small vid of how we do but dont pin me down on that one.... not sure if we have the time.... or the fisical condition to attach the camera to the car.... Let the show begin... Oh it is on the 26th and 27th of Februari and you can follow the race on the Horneland rally site!