21 Races, 21 Qualifying sessions, free pratices, 600 classic race cars, 900 race car drivers, 4000+ classic cars on display, 60 years Jaguar celebration, Stirling Moss signing, the Pussycat Dolls on Friday and on Saterday SANTANA concert. What more could you want!

If you think that classic racing is just a show.... Don't! The cars are seriously raced, accidents happen and the drivers are competative like young little boys... the only difference really is that they all like their cars and don't ram eachother off track - which i'm sorry to say but you see too much of nowadays! Look at this guy go!!!

Bob - our friend of Jack Electric got hold of my Helmet and got it signed by Murray Walker. Murray Walker commented on Formula 1 from 1949 up until his retirement in 2001 - in fact it wasn't even called Formula 1 when he first started! One of his all-time best quotes - "Anything happens in Grand Prix racing and it usually does" .


Not only on track but also in the air!

 Santana our main man doing his work!

All in all a great Weekend full of enthusiastic racing and entertainment. Next Year we are going again!!!